The Wonders of Driftwood

driftwoodSome of the most unique and chic pieces of beauty and décor are made from the very materials found in nature. There are so many natural objects that you can use for various projects that will bring any atmosphere to life. Driftwood is a great material that can bring a touch of the great outdoors to your warm and cozy indoors. Give yourself a creative challenge by using this great material for projects that you can do all on your own. There are also premade decorations that use this type of wood. Get your hands on some driftwood and turn it into something stylish.

What is Driftwood?

Sometimes full trees or tree parts fall into the ocean as a result of natural disasters or logging. Driftwood is the tree matter that has floated to the shore of bodies of water. It is usually pushed to the shoreline by waves, wind, or tides. Though this wood is unwanted in some places, it serves as food and housing for some species of fish and birds as it floats in the water. While some people may view this matter as trash, it can of course be collected and used for many purposes.

Where to Find Driftwooddriftwood_expanse_northern_washington_coast

If you are looking to buy driftwood, there are endless sources that provide it. Driftwood is of course, available on online stores. There are online sites dedicated specifically to driftwood and bulk orders are available. It is also purchasable at craft stores florists, and home decoration shops and more. Careful research should reveal the best prices and most affordable deals. An online search can also expose you to the unique sizes and shapes of wood available. There is so much to choose from and the pieces and logs are artwork in themselves.

The Many Uses of Driftwood

The most common use of driftwood is decoration. This is a great way to recycle the wood and turn it into something of beauty. The wood can be placed indoors or outdoors. It can be manipulated into any imaginable project that you have in mind. Endless Do-it-yourself project ideas exist on the internet. All you need is a touch of creativity to begin.
You can make driftwood sculptures, ornaments, birdhouses, centerpieces, candleholders and more. Most projects only require glue, glass, a cutting utensil, and little else. Projects are very affordable and fun. Making household decorations is a great way to pass time and liven up your home. Driftwood is also used in home aquariums to give fish tanks a natural vibe.
If you are in an artsy mood, you can also create abstract structures to place on your wall. Use a blend of different wood shapes, sizes, and colors and put together a unique design. No two pieces of wood are exactly the same. You are sure to create a decoration that is unique, stylish, and true to you.
Driftwood can also be used for larger projects such as furniture. Tables, chairs and more can be structured using strong and healthy pieces of wood. For example, larger branches of wood can be screwed together to make a sturdy table bottom. All you need is a glass top and some instructions and you are good to go. Just make sure the wood is in good condition and is thoroughly dry if it has been picked from the shore.
Driftwood branches can even be used for projects such as racks and shelves. You can easily design a new structure to hang shoes and clothing items on. All you really need is one branch to create a brilliant piece of handy furniture. For example, a sturdy log mounted to your wall can serve as a great jewelry rack. Just fasten little hooks onto it and hang your necklaces and bracelets there. You can even decorate the wood by painting original designs on it. If you are a plant lover, driftwood can come in handy for you too. Construct your very own plant holder made of your personally chosen wood pieces.
The wonders of driftwood can transform any home into a masterpiece. If your walls are plain and bare, consider designing your own art using wood. Search the internet for wall décor and learn to design your own. You can add paint, or any other garnishments you would like. Get even more creative by constructing a themed wreath made from small branches. For example, you can make an ocean themed wreath by adding seashells and starfish along the branches. Visit a craft store to find the right props and ornaments. Then you’ll be ready to hang this wreath on your wall.
Your designing skills will improve and this will quickly become a hobby. Anything you dream of can come to life. You will be amazed at all the possibilities. Even if you have no interest in do-it-yourself projects, you can shop and purchase art and furniture already made from driftwood. You will be just as satisfied with all the artsy and stylish options. Some forms of wood are very large and strong. You may even see the wood being used as the legs of a stool or stand. Your house guests will be amazed at the fancy décor that stands apart from all the rest.

Preparing Driftwood

If you have collected new driftwood from the shoreline, you will need to dry and clean it before using it in your home. After spending so much time in the ocean, some wood may contain insects and bacteria inside. Treating it correctly will get it in the best condition to be placed indoors. One method is to brush the wood. This will remove any sand or dirt from the surface or crevices.
In some cases, it may be necessary to further sanitize the wood. A popular method is to use bleach. The wood can be properly sanitized by soaking in a mixture of bleach and water for numerous days. This will kill bacteria as well as any insects that may be inside of the wood. Using excessive amounts of bleach is not mandatory but only optional.
As an alternative, some people use vinegar to cleanse the wood and then rinse with water. You can use the option of boiling the wood in water to cleanse it as well. The process may take up to 10 hours to complete. Just make sure you have a large enough pot to accommodate your size or amount of wood.
Next you will need to let the wood dry. This is usually the lengthiest process. Place the wood in an area with very little humidity. It can take a few weeks to dry. You can also place the wood in an area with strong sunlight. This will dry out the wood in a matter of days. You will want the wood to dry completely. If you will be using the wood for furniture, you may want to seal it. Some wood is naturally soft. A wood sealer will keep the wood strong and sturdy enough for use.
There are some exceptions if you would like to use the driftwood for your home aquarium. In this case, you do not need to dry or seal the wood at all. After the bleaching process, simply submerge the wood in regular water for a few days. You need to use new water every day. When the wood sinks to the bottom of the water it is ready.
There are also products available to give any driftwood project you’re working on a complete look. Wood finish and waxes can make your wood smooth. You can purchase these products online. Just follow the instructions and apply it to the surface. Then your product will be ready to shine in any room. Other projects will not need finishing products if you prefer a natural look. Just do research on what types of wood and finishes go well together.
Make sure you get the proper help you need if any of your wood needs sanding or complex constructions. Even with so many do-it-yourself projects, it is normal to need help sometimes.

Benefits of Using Driftwood

Now that you know about the countless ways to use driftwood, you can let your imagination go wild and start your next creative project. Using driftwood is a great way to utilize nature. Matter from old trees will not go to waste when you use it for your next art masterpiece. Whether you need new furniture, or a piece for your home aquarium, the uses are endless. Wood comes in a variety of textures, shapes, sizes, and colors. Even if you already have an idea in mind, there is the right wood for you. Shop online or in stores to find what you are looking for.
If you are not into decorating your own pieces, there are tons of items already made from driftwood. These items are available for purchase and ready to take a spot in your artful home. Using products from the natural earth for your household items can be very rewarding. Discover the wonders of driftwood today.